Your journey with us!

The jurors are selecting multiple performers from each categories to perform at Carnegie Hall!

Here are the possible prizes you can win at PianoHouse International Piano Competition 2021:

1st Prize, 2nd Prize, 3rd Prize, Special Prize, Partial Scholarship to attend the PianoHouse Academy 2021 (our virtual piano festival offers lesson with jurors after the competition!), Carnegie Hall Performance Invitation (at least two performers from each category will be selected).

Special Prize: Jury reserves the right to award Special Prize for an exceptional performance of a piece which for some reasons didn’t make it among the top prize winners, but still deserves a spot on the stage of Carnegie Hall.

Scholarships: The jury shall award scholarships up to $500 to selected participants to attend the PianoHouse Academy 2021 (Held March 7- April 7, 2021.)Besides winning a performing spot at Carnegie Hall, this is a great opportunity to participants to further develop their talent by attending the PianoHouse Academy 2021. The PianoHouse Academy offers 6 private lessons with your selected judge or judges (who then become your mentor for one month), and exciting group classes on how to get the best version of yourself as a young musician. Private lessons are offered on a first come first serve bases.

Our judging panel will select top competitors of each category and invite them to perform for the Gala in New York City. Selecting winners and performers is solely the jurors’ discretion.

Video auditions will be conducted digitally by sharing a YouTube (or other video) link during your application. Jurors shall select the winners entirely by viewing their online video submissions.

Participants need to submit their applications online at Our jury selects immediate winners (with no finals in New York this year) from each category and sends out invitations to our Carnegie Hall Gala.

We recommend to arrive to New York City for all winners at least a few days before the day of the Gala, especially in case they wish to participate our master class sessions.

The Gala of the PianoHouse International Piano Competition is in October, 2021 at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall. Selected players of each categories are performing one piece (limited to 5 minutes) and accepting their prizes. As performers will sit in during the concert, performers will be granted one ticket to the Gala concert and sit in the first rows with those tickets. Additional tickets may be purchased at Carnegie Hall’s official website on a first come first serve bases.

This competition is aiming to build a supportive community for young musicians to explore their talent, build confidence in piano playing and get exposure through our competition.

  1. Apply to PianoHouse International Piano Competition New York to win a spot at our Carnegie Hall Gala Concert. (Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, proposed date October 2021.) All applicants required to send a YouTube link of their selected performance in their selected category. Application fee $ 125 USD.
  2. You may decide to apply to our PianoHouse Academy 2021, your virtual piano academy held after the competition by our judges, giving you 6 individual online lessons with your selected teachers/jurors, plus exciting group classes. The Jury awards partial scholarships to competition participants to attend the festival. Individual participation fee for the PianoHouse Academy 2021: $1500 USD.
  3. ONE FESTIVAL PARTICIPANT IS GRANTED A SPOT AT THE GALA AT CARNEGIE HALL! Decided by the participant’s progress on the educational program.
  4. Prize winners of the competition are granted a spot to perform on our Gala Concert in New York. In case you are a prized winner in your category and you chose to perform, your performance fee at Carnegie Hall is $500.
  5. All of our participants are invited to attend the Gala in October 2021 (dates TBA), Limited spots are available. ($ 50 USD/ticket) on a first come first serve bases.

Terms and conditions for PianoHouse International Piano Competition




• All registration will be accepted online at
• Competitors will be asked to fill out the registration form, create a PianoHouse account, submit a YouTube link of their performance, and submit the application fee.
• Application Fee is $ 125 USD (non refundable)

As this competition’s main goal is to continue to build a supportive global piano community. We believe that after the global pandemic we will be able to move back to our live auditions rounds and live finals in New York City.

The Week of the Gala in New York City

IMPORTANT GALA TICKET INFORMATION: Limited amount of tickets are available for the Gala for parents and friends on a first come first serve bases.


Toddlers: born in or after 2015
Repertoire: Repertoire of free choice, not exceeding 2 minutes

Category A: children born in 2013-2014
Repertoire: Two pieces of free choice with a time limit of 7 minutes

Category B: children born in 2011-2012
Repertoire: Two pieces of free choice with a time limit of 7 minutes

Category C: children born in 2009-2010
Repertoire: Two pieces of free choice with a time limit of 8 minutes

Category D: children born in 2007-2008
Repertoire: Free choice of repertoire with a time limit of 9 minutes

Category E: children born in 2005-2006
Repertoire: Free choice of repertoire with a time limit of 10 minutes

Senior category: participants born in 2004 or before.
Repertoire: Free choice of repertoire up to 25 minutes. One piece of the repertoire should be no longer than 5 minutes.

Category Franz Liszt: without age restrictions
Repertoire: Free choice of repertoire with a time limit of 25 minutes. At least one piece chosen from Franz Liszt.

Category Frederic Chopin: without age restrictions
Repertoire: Free choice of repertoire with a time limit of 15 minutes, at least one piece chosen from Frederic Chopin.

Category Jazz: without age restrictions
Repertoire: Free choice of pieces with a time limit of 15 minutes, at least one piece no longer than 5 minutes.

Additional Important rules and regulations:

The competition organizers PianoHouse Inc. reserves the right to change jury after announcing the panel.

With applying to the competition and accepting these terms and conditions participants agree to waive all copyrights of all video and audio recordings of competition related recordings, such as recording the completion performances, rehearsals, interviews, additional footages recorded prior to their performers, master class, or at the live streamed events.

All participants also accept PianoHouse’s general terms and conditions by applying to the competition.

Important Dates
Feb 20, 2021 – deadline for video auditions

March 1, 2021 Announcements of winners of each categories


Foreign Contestants attending the Gala: Contestants who are not citizens of the United States of America need to consult with the nearest American Embassy or Consulate on advice for visas. If required, PianoHouse Inc. will send an official letter of invitation.

Medical Expenses: Contestants agree to be financially responsible for all medical needs and expenses and travel insurances during their visit as contestants of Pianohouse International Piano Competition.

Housing and Transportation: All performers invited to the final round will be responsible for their transportation and housing arrangements. For discounted hotel rates with our hotel partners please connect our secretary at for more information.



评审团会颁发最多相当于500美元 的奖学金给选中的参赛者参与PianoHouse钢琴豪 2021学院。此奖学金只能用于PianoHouse钢琴豪 2021学院。对于参赛者来说,除了能够为自己争夺在卡内基音乐厅演奏的机会,幷且能够通过参与PianoHouse钢琴豪 2021学院来更好的完善自己的天赋。







  1. 申请纽约PianoHouse钢琴豪国际钢琴比赛,赢得在卡内基演奏的机会。(位于卡内基音乐厅的威尔独奏厅,日期为2021年10月8日)所有申请者都必须发送内含其表演的YouTube视频链接至其所选年龄组。每人申请费为125美元。
  1. 您可以决定向我们的PianoHouse钢琴豪学院申请大师班,这是我们的评审们在比赛后举办的线上钢琴学院,为您提供与所选老师/陪审员一起进行6场在线小组课程。 评审团向参加比赛的参赛者提供部分奖学金。2021年PianoHouse钢琴豪学院的个人学费是1500美元。
  1. 一位PianoHouse钢琴豪学院参与者将获得在卡耐基音乐厅晚宴表演的机会。此机会由参与者在教育项目中的程度决定。
  1. 比赛中的获奖者们将有机会在纽约的音乐晚会上表演。如果您是该年龄组的获奖者幷且选择了表演,那么在卡内基音乐厅的演奏费为500美元
  1. 我们所有的参与者都应邀参加2021年10月8日的晚会, 观众席位置有限,每张门票50美元,数量有限,售完为止。

所有参赛者注册均可通过www.competition.piano.house在线接受 透过网路报名



这项比赛的主要目标是继续建立一个全球性的音乐家平台。 我们相信在全球疫情结束之后,我们将有机会在纽约举行现场试听和决赛












PianoHouse Inc. 钢琴豪有更改评审的权利






针对参加晚会的外国参赛者:非美国公民的参赛者需向所属最近的美国大使馆或领事馆咨询签证申请。如果需要,PianoHouse Inc钢琴豪将发送正式邀请函