2nd PianoHouse International
Piano Competition

Our Carnegie Hall Gala hosted by our artistic director Adam Gyorgy

September 25, 2022 at 2pm at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall

The Festival including master classes, dress rehearsal taking place before, we are updating our site accordingly! Stay tuned!


Live broadcast can be watched by clicking this link:


See the selected contestants for our Carnegie Hall Gala concert in alphabetical order:

Alexander Tristan Hermanto
Arnell Urielia Tejo Prawiro
Bentley Penn
Cao Junwei
Casey Li
Catherina Aquene Angly
Charlene Lee
Cheryn Pandora
Crystal Dahlan
Emma Sophia Lam
Eric Junpyo Jang
Han Xin Yue
Iris Araceli Ma
Jehee Han
Jeongmi Yoon
Jonathan Tieng
Kai-Xun Pema Lin
Kathleen Gurning
Kenshiro Leowardy
Lucas Ong
Lucas Sha
Luther Ong Boon Khang
Matthew Krell
Michael Echaniz
Mohan Liu
Nathan Kang HongYe
Nathasia Djong
Natsuho Mochizuki
Nolan Choi
Nyla Choi
Parker Konkle
Pinn Mahasaranond
Regina Presley Zhang
Rizal Liannto Pranoto
Ruoying Maggie Xu
Sanjana Sri Bellapu
Seoyul Sin
Shalynn Choi
Shelby Wong
Theo Tsao
Vivian Li
Xie Yan Hong 
Yang Hao Di 
YanLi Edward Fang
Yosuke Chatmaleerat
Yuzuki Hyodo

See the prize winners list below!

Congratulations to our winners, we will reach out to all of you individually with comments on your performance and with providing an opportunity to learn more from the judges in April at the PianoHouse Festival. Please check the confirm the spelling of your name since it will be used on your certificate.

Toddlers Category:

Kai-Xun Pema LinThird Prize
Ruoying Maggie XuSecond Prize
Nolan ChoiSecond Prize
Nathasia DjongFirst Prize
Iris Araceli MaFirst Prize
Category A
Yisen DongHonorary Mention
Wesley ZhouHonorary Mention
Young Kwang KimHonorary Mention
Michelle Chloe SinHonorary Mention
Nyla ChoiThird Prize
Kenshiro LeowardyThird Prize
Nathan Kang HongYeSecond Prize
Bentley PennFirst Prize

Category B
Zoe Augusto PookHonorary Mention
Evangelos KapurHonorary Mention
Claire Nicole LinHonorary Mention
Kimberly TjahyadiHonorary Mention
Tammy Lee Xin YingHonorary Mention
Tobin TsaiHonorary Mention
Dain HyungHonorary Mention
Emmeline Chloe HadeliHonorary Mention
Calya Anara WijayaHonorary Mention
Ta Bac SonHonorary Mention
Michelle Brigitte XuHonorary Mention
Jonathan TiengThird Prize
Luther Ong Boon KhangThird Prize
Han Xin YueSecond Prize
Seoyul SinSecond Prize
Theo TsaoFirst Prize
Shalynn ChoiFirst Prize

Category C
Nicole BayHonorary Mention
Matthew ShangHonorary Mention
Anabelle JulinarHonorary Mention
Elaine Clemence AnnabellHonorary Mention
Kaitlyn LooHonorary Mention
Osten Cristo HariantoHonorary Mention
Kayleen ChanHonorary Mention
Angela Katie KristiantoHonorary Mention
Rafael D’SouzaHonorary Mention
Wang Tian YuHonorary Mention
Yuchen WuHonorary Mention
Guo Wang ChunHonorary Mention
Agnes MarcalHonorary Mention
Regina Presley ZhangThird Prize
Cao JunweiThird Prize
YanLi Edward FangThird Prize
Jehee HanSecond Prize
Arnell Urielia Tejo PrawiroSecond Prize
Casey LiFirst Prize
Eric Junpyo JangFirst Prize

Category D
Callista Vania RusminHonorary Mention
Maitreyi BharathHonorary Mention
Xiao Chengxuan Honorary Mention
Serene PatriciaHonorary Mention
Colin Cristo HariantoHonorary Mention
Maanasi KeralapuraHonorary Mention
Cleavant Benidect ChuaHonorary Mention
Jaden ParkHonorary Mention
Charles Warner AusbrooksHonorary Mention
Hayden GaoHonorary Mention
Ziv BardHonorary Mention
Emma Sophia LamThird Prize
Yang Hao Di Third Prize
Alexander Tristan HermantoSecond Prize
Catherina Aquene AnglySecond Prize
Crystal DahlanFirst Prize

Category E
Yuebing Zhai Honorary Mention
Johann AlexanderHonorary Mention
Ryan HariyantoHonorary Mention
Binqi Wun Honorary Mention
Tan Jiok Fong JadenHonorary Mention
Chae-Won SongHonorary Mention
Carnegie Performer 
Pinn MahasaranondThird Prize
Natsuho MochizukiThird Prize
Kathleen GurningThird Prize
Lucas OngSecond Prize
Charlene LeeFirst Prize

Jazz Category
Nathan Kang HongYeThird Prize
Michael EchanizSecond Prize
Matthew KrellFirst Prize

Senior Category
Yao DeLancey LiHonorary Mention
Xuechen PengHonorary Mention
Jordan OngHonorary Mention
Andrea AlexanderHonorary Mention
Camille GutierrezHonorary Mention
Carl VejdeHonorary Mention
Sanjana Sri BellapuThird Prize
Xie Yan Hong Third Prize
Mohan LiuThird Prize
Parker KonkleSecond Prize
Rizal Liannto PranotoFirst Prize

Chopin Category
Tiffany LimantoroHonorary Mention
Vincent LimantoroHonorary Mention
Mai HamasumiHonorary Mention
Kong Qing Tian Honorary Mention
Ryan WisniewskiHonorary Mention
Yosuke ChatmaleeratThird Prize
Cheryn PandoraSecond Prize
Vivian LiFirst Prize

Liszt Category
Doh Hyun Dennis KimHonorary Mention
Emily LaiHonorary Mention
Daniel KimHonorary Mention
Yuzuki HyodoThird Prize
Lucas ShaThird Prize
Shelby WongThird Prize
Matthew KrellSecond Prize
Jeongmi YoonFirst Prize

Please check the spelling of your names, as these names will be on your certificates. If you have any questions, please email competition@piano.house.

March 10th, 2021.

INSTAGRAM LIVE 8PM @pianohouseinc


(masterclass session with jurors)


APRIL 5-30, 2021